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November 28, 2012
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Dispective by besnglist Dispective by besnglist
I've been recently captured by the inverse perspective, making cardboard models that pop-out and all, but it seems quite tricky thing to pass on paper, so anyway I've decided to completely dismiss all the perspective here, so it's dis-pective now :B Two figures are based on "A Shower in Piccadilly", a late XIX century print.

Ink and quill on bristol paper A4
I'm willing to sell the original
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Given 2013-05-08
Dispective by ~besnglist ( Featured by STelari )
rskrakau Mar 29, 2014   Traditional Artist
Hey dear Jelena :)
What a great drawing. You really surprised me with the inverse or reverse perspective thing in the description. After studying arts for 11 years I never heard of it. Maybe because we just focussed on Western art and the standard perspective. Byzantine art was only talked about marginally. Have you got any examples for your understanding of inverse perspective in your drawings? It sounds very interesting!
Hey Rainer :)

Actually that's my only take on the reverse perspective and it's not even close to what it really should look like. But the concept of it is amazing, because, first, it dismisses any objectivity attached to one point of view and second, it places the observer in the place of been observed. Like that, it's just an abstract mind-play, but isn't all art?

I can't help you much more there, not more then a common google search, but I remember I was making 3D cardboard model of the image, that is bent in the opposite way, inwards, and using them as a reference. Very loosely of course, I hardly have patience even for the standard perspective. 

Thanks for your kind interest!
rskrakau Mar 30, 2014   Traditional Artist
You don't have patience??? Your works show a lot of patience :)
When I started to get serious with making art I needed 2weeks of pure work for each painting. Nowadays I don't have the time and the patience. If a drawing isn't finished after 6hours of work I won't finish it :D
I tried to google the reverse perspective, but what I found is very scarce... Seems to be a difficult topic. You made me curious though and I will try it sometime.
Thanks, it is always nice and inspiring to write with you :)
Here's what might help illustrate it better… Basically, the model pops out towards us, like here… It's very complicated if you take it seriously, but that was never my intention, I just wanted to give me some liberty, perspective-wise.

Paintings are time consuming, I agree, but comic industry is something else, it requires speed and efficiency and also makes you finish things. My first breakthrough towards the professional happened when I made myself deliberately devote time to do things that I tend to skip, like backgrounds, complex scenes, repetitional drawing of same characters, everything that we'd naturally skip. And there was progress, considering work ethic, at least. But compared to some people out there, I'm still a barbarian with a quill :)
rskrakau Mar 30, 2014   Traditional Artist
:D then let's be barbarians!!!
Good, good. Thanks! :)
BojanPapic May 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cestitam na DD, ovaj rad je predstavljen u blogu: [link] grupe:
Svaka cast! ;)
Divno, puno hvala! :iconflowerdanceplz:
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